Seok-hyeon Yoon 윤석현

Conceptual designer   /   Material researcher

 I enjoy revaluing materials and objects which are always around us. 


 Surroundings of everyday life often become a starting point for my design projects. I observe and analyze them and then try to link them to design, environment, society, and industry. 


My interest in my projects is the materiality and socio-cultural value of design objects. With this interest, each of my projects describes undiscovered issues from everyday life. 


As a designer, I interpret them with my own perspective and create daily objects to support and enhance our lives. 


 My design process follows concept arrangement based on exploring a subject, in-depth research for materiality and contexts, hands-on practice such as drawing and model making and production.


Founded Studio Yoon Seok-hyeon

Eindhoven, NL


B.A. Man and Well-being

Design Academy Eindhoven

Eindhoven, NL


Internship at Studio Wieki Somers

Rotterdam, NL


Industrial design 

College of design, Kookmin University 

Seoul, KR


Born in Korea