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OTTFORZ : The beauty of sustainable ceramic


 This project is the first collaboration of Studio Mixtura and Studio Yoon Seok-hyeon which aims to be presented during the dutch design week 2020. For this, They developed exclusive art pieces with experiences from FORZ@glaze and Ott / Another paradigmatic ceramic.

 Daria has developed sustainable glazing from mineral residues and Seok-hyeon has developed alternative glazing from a wood resin called Ott. The approaches for sustainable ceramics have shown their own special aesthetics. Daria and Seok-hyeon wish to reflect the issues of current unsustainable ceramic industries in artistic ways as they introduce beautiful discoveries together from their experiments.

 Shapes of this project came from Seok-hyeon’s Ott/APC. As Ott leaves aqua blue stains when it’s evaporated by high temperature in the kiln, they set blue as the main color and developed various blues from Daria’s FORZ@glaze. They show that sustainable ceramic materials can be beautiful and they have potential aesthetics. Further studies about circular ceramics and materials of Daria and Seok-hyeon can be expected from this collaboration project.

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