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 This design comes from my first impression on Dutch food culture and the word ‘Practicality’. The origin of modern Frikandel began from a normal meatball. During the 19 century, the Dutch commodity act was changed so Butchers couldn’t sell the meatball in the market anymore. However, Gerrit de Vries worked out a plan to keep selling the meatball: he decided to change the shape of the meatball instead of the food itself. As a result, the new meatball adapted a long shape and was able to sell continuously in the market with its new name: Frikandel.

 I thought this paradigmatic way of thought processing represented Dutch food culture and also Dutch people’s practical attitude on life.

 I wanted to have that practicality in my design for the Frikandel plate. I just added some extra feet on the bottom side of the plate. The feet can be used as guidelines to put the Frikandel and hold the plate easily. If you flip over the plate, you also can use it as a plain plate for serving food. This simple change makes a big and special quality, just like the story of the Frikandel.

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