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 Earth is the origin of everything and it’s the most natural material we can work with. 


 With this project, ’TERRA ETERNITY’, Studio Yoon Seok-hyeon intends to bring the material to our space of everyday life. This attempt would allow us to relish the eternal value of earth and to raise a question about the damaged sustainability of all things today. 


 The object created with a mixture of sand, soil, and natural adhesive proves the material's practical and aesthetic values as showing its raw texture and color. This object can be recycled easily or returned to our ground without making pollutions after its service life. I want to tell a story about terra eternity which can be told with the circular system.


 This project started from La Réunion island where has the richest volcanic soil resources in the world. The soils on the island have not been explored and used in the life of the island. Low furniture is characteristic items around Creole ( the native people of Réunion) house because they are the most used furniture for daily rituals. I wanted to recreate them to support and enhance their life with their volcanic heritage. 


 Ultimately, I would like to apply this concept to all local soils around the world. 

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