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 There are many ways of relaxing on the sofa. We often lie down on the sofa, sit on it with legs under a blanket watching TV or sit on the floor eating food and leaning against it. Like this, the sofa is often used in more various ways than the original design intention.


 “Our individual lifestyle and cultural backgrounds affect how we relax on this object.” says Seok-hyeon Yoon. He interviewed diverse people to explore the essentials of how they relax on their sofa in practice. What he discovered is that they’re using it not only for a typical sitting purpose but also for various relaxed positions especially lying down.


 He wanted to reinvent a sofa that is not set up at a specific height with a wooden structure. This new design should allow various positions to be comfortable. Designs are inspired by how carpet is made, he removed the wooden frame and he turned to knotting and buttoning cushions to allow people to recreate and adjust their own sofa at their own spots for relaxation. It is about finding our comfortable, most relaxing configuration.


This project is sponsored by VESCOM.

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